Case story

Segamat River Upgrading

Malaysia, Johor

Segamat River Upgrading and Flood Mitigation by Sand Filled Mattress in Johore, Malaysia

Previous flood mitigation works for the sections of the Segamat River include widening and raising levees along sections of the river. There are many towns and villages downstream of the river, and these areas are susceptible to exceptional flood events.

In December 2012, 515 mm of rain fell over a 4 day period overflowing the banks of Segamat River and flooding the town and the floodplains of other connected rivers. The severe flooding was attributed to extraordinary rainfall over an area of low and undulating topography and flow constriction as the river confluences with the Muar River.

TenCate Sand Filled Mattress technology was used as riverbank erosion protection to improve the an 8 km section of the Segamat River as part of a contract awarded in 2013. The contract involved realignment, raising of levees, channel widening, and riverbank erosion protection works.

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