Case story

Deep C II Reclamation, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone

Vietnam, Haiphong

The various Deep C reclamations are being constructed to provide 3,000 ha of industrial development land, which is the largest industrial zone development in all of Vietnam.

The design of the reclamation dykes consisted of locally dredged silty sand fill contained between outer Geotube®containment units. Geotube® units were chosen for the outer protection for the reclamation dykes for a few reasons. Geotube® units have an efficient contact surface with soft foundation soils and do not suffer from local shear failures as do rock fill. The sizing of the Geotube® units had adequate mass-gravity to resist water forces caused by extreme typhoon storms. The Geotube® had to have a long term design life in exposed conditions. When expanding the reclamation area, it is not necessary to remove the Geotube® units as they can be just covered over with reclamation fill, and piled through during later development.

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