Case story

Hurricane Beach Damage

USA, New Jersey

Geotube® shoreline protection is an effective fix for hurricane beach damage

In a period of twelve months, Atlantic City lost more than one hundred feet of beach in some areas due to storms. The sand dunes protect the city’s Boardwalk as well as the homes, businesses, hotels and casinos along it. During past storms and over time, these dunes have deteriorated and in some cases completely washed away.

Geotube® geocontainment technology was selected to protect Atlantic City’s famous Boardwalk. Work began in May 1995 with the installation of approximately 6,000 linear feet of Geotube® sand filled containers. The tubes stretched over a mile along the beaches of Atlantic City and create a more storm-resistant sand dune, preventing further dune deterioration.

The Geotube® sand filled units have withstood the pounding surf and strong winds which have repeatedly hit the Atlantic City shoreline. For more than two decades, including Superstorm Sandy, heavy storm activity has washed sand from the ocean side of the Geotube® units, however the tubes have helped dissipate the wave energy resulting in no damage to the Boardwalk or adjacent property.

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